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Pioneer Sermons Preached Again in Battle Creek

Pioneer Sermons Preached Again in Battle Creek

The pioneers of the Seventh-day Adventist Church were men and women who not only were students of the Bible, but they shared their knowledge with passion and conviction. They traveled extensively preaching the Word in homes, churches and camp meetings.

Many of their sermons were recorded in the Advent Review and Sabbath Herald and other archived journals which have made it possible for us to understand the debates which ultimately formed our system of fundamental beliefs.  

Bernadine Delafield, the producer of Adventist Preaching, researched some of the significant sermons of the past with the idea of making them available to the Adventist home and church. Adventist Preaching’s Volume 18, The Collected Works of Pioneer Preachers, was filmed in The Heritage Village at Battle Creek, Michigan, home to many of the pioneers, and for many years, headquarters of the Adventist Church. In July of this year, six men and two women actors plus the producer and the film crew, Long Shot Video Creations, Lincoln, Nebraska, met in Battle Creek to film sermons that were preached by pioneers such as James and Ellen White, William W Prescott, Roswell F Cottrell, J. N. Andrews and Uriah Smith.

The bonus of the Signature Edition will feature Dr. and Mrs. John Harvey Kellogg who were instrumental in formulating principles of exercise and health reform which were implemented at the Battle Creek Sanitarium. Dr. Kellogg and Ella Eaton Kellogg’s presentations were filmed on the grounds of the former Sanitarium and inside the beautiful dining room of the 1928 addition.

A group of distinguished preachers and talented individuals of our time---Steve Chavez, Jose Rojas, Gary Patterson, Dennis Farley and John Torres, Myrna Candelaria, Rae Patterson and Jonathan Brauer---dressed in period costume, stepped back in time to preach the sermons of the pioneers.

The Heritage Village staff graciously hosted the participants of the pioneer project by offering the use of historic buildings for filming the segments, preparing three meals a day, arranging lodging for the crew and even providing some unique items that dated back to the late 1800s, to enhance the sets. 

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