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Great Adventist Preaching now on DVD

Great Adventist Preaching now on DVD

The Adventist Church has outstanding preachers.  These men and women present sound Biblical sermons that command the attention of both heart and mind. Your pastor may be one of them.  They are in every conference quietly preparing Sabbath food for the spiritually hungry.  They are known and loved by their congregations but seldom heard by others, with the exception of the Adventist media giants such as Batchelor, Finley and Melashenko. 

That thought inspired the Adventist Communication Network staff .  Why not make it possible for all churches and individual members to share the rich preaching resource we have among us.  So late last year, ACN began collecting sermon series to be offered in one of the newest technologies available--DVD. 

The quarterly editions hit the market January 1, 2003.  Volume I introduced a relatively new face to those not living on the west coast.  Randy Roberts, senior pastor at the Loma Linda University Church, agreed to do the first series.  Viewers are captivated by his flawless delivery and carefully themed sermons.  Popularity of the premiere edition is growing as friends tell friends about the first-person character sermons that are unique to his series, Destiny.

Dwight Nelson, senior pastor of the Pioneer Memorial Church on the campus of Andrews University, provided the second sermon series, Majoring in the Minors: Rethinking Our Future.  He also offered eight children's stories that he's told to the kids at PMC.  Because of  its content, ACN decided to package volume II not only for adults, but For Kids Too!  So, volume II has two cover designs.

Beginning July 1, the third edition will be released featuring Rear Admiral Barry Black, Chief of Chaplains, US Navy.  His series, Growing Stronger in Christ, was recently presented to the General Conference employees during their Spring Week of Prayer.  What a week of spiritual revival and inspiration!  Admiral Black was truly a blessing.  ACN is pleased to pass along the same blessing to the greater church family. 

As is typical of DVD products, bonus features are included on the menus.  Each edition carries an in-depth interview with the speaker in addition to other short related segments.
The church is beginning to find a variety of ways in which to use and enjoy the Adventist Preaching series.  Multi-church pastors select sermons to take their place when meeting with another church in the district. Lay leaders do the same when they're not able to preach. Children's ministries leaders are using the children's stories for Sabbath School, Story Hour, Vacation Bible and more.  Church members are stocking their libraries with valuable devotional material for every member of the family.

These are stressful times.  God is wanting to speak to us through His Word because in it, there is hope for a brighter future.

Bernadine Delafield
Project Coordinator
Adventist Communication Network
June 2003