Smith, Dan

Seeing God At His Very Best
Understanding the Character of God

Volume 13 6 Part Series
  The Door to the Party
  Go On In!
  Keep the Gold!
  Sitting Down, They watched Him There
  An Adventism to Get Excited About
  Impact Players
Special features
Interview: Dan Smith: The Man and His Mission
Bonus: Live Life Thick
Dan Smith

Dan Smith has a smile that lights up his entire face. How appropriate for someone whose ministry is driven by a desire to reveal the true character of God. He believes that the greatest need of Christians today is to realize that we have a wonderful God and a “package of truth” that, when seen in the right light, is relevant, exciting, and something to be proud of.

His passion is unmistakable as he currently serves the collegiate students and church members at the La Sierra University Church. Having grown up in Thailand, son of missionary parents, Pastor Smith inspires the La Sierra Church to sponsor projects and evangelism in the Philippines and Thailand. Regular trips to the Far East have reignited the spirit of mission at La Sierra. See the bonus piece in this series.

Previously, Dr. Smith pastored the Adventist Hospital Church in Hinsdale, Illinois, and churches in Oregon and Southern California. He sees his ministry as opportunities to make friends for God.

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