Schneider, Don

Knowing Jesus
Discipleship Evangelism

Volume 8 4-Part Series
  It's All About Love
  Wow! You Look Good to Me
  I wish I'd Never Done It
  Some Things Are Too Good to Keep to Yourself
Special features
Interview: Don Schneider: The Man and His Mission
Bonus: Don Schneider and Evangelism
Visions For Victory--Global Evangelism
Don Schneider

Don C. Schneider, president of the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists, has been an administrator in several conferences and a union, but his most cherished claim to fame came from a young Pathfinder who called him the "Prayer Guy."

Talking to others about Jesus is the most gratifying part of his Christian life, and Schneider has a great time doing it. "I enjoy life every day because of my walk with Jesus," says Pastor Schneider in his friendly, good-natured manner.

In this series of great Adventist Preaching, Knowing Jesus, Schneider shares four sermons filled with personal stories that demonstrate how knowing Jesus makes it easier to tell people about Him. He personally believes that we must keep on the move, spiritually that is, in order to nurture a relationship that removes the unnecessary fear of reaching out to help others.

Besides the sermon series offered for volume 8 of great Adventist Preaching, Don and Marti Schneider agreed to be interviewed. Their busy lives of service to the Division often requires travel, so the interview was taped on the way to the airport. "Seems like we're always in the air," remarked Marti. "But we've decided to give these years of our lives to this work," added Elder Schneider.

The delightful and entertaining taped interview appears on the DVD as a special feature, Don Schneider: The Man and His Mission, along with a special piece about the Schneider's mission trip to Aba, Nigeria, as part of Global Evangelism.

The Adventist Preaching sermon series on DVD were originally designed to be a vital resource for pastors of multi-church districts, but hundreds of homes are also being blessed by the uplifting messages. Pastors and lay leaders are grateful for a variety of outstanding preachers and topics from which to choose a Sabbath speaker or short series for prayer meeting or vespers.

Through DVD technology, invite NAD president, Don Schneider, to present his series, Knowing Jesus, to your congregation.

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