Pooler, Terry

The Cry of God's Heart

Volume 4 5-Part Series
  The Cry of God's Heart for His Wife
  The Cry of God's Heart for Oneness
  The Cry of God's Heart for Companionship
  The Cry of God's Heart with Guilt
  The Cry of God's Heart with Suffering
Special features  
Interview: Terry Pooler: The Man and His Mission
Bonus: Where Hope is Born
Terry Pooler

"The human heart cries out in pain, anger and loneliness. Out of our brokenness we seek sympathetic hearts and ears." -Terry Pooler

But what about the cry of God's heart? Our focus can be so self-absorbing that we can't hear God's cry. We are like lost children in a department store crying out in fear, but there is so much commotion that it seems that no one is listening. Because of this noise and the volume of our own crying, we are not able to hear the voice of our parent calling out for us. If we could hear their cry, we could find our way back to their arms.

In my sermon series, "The Cry of God's Heart," I look at a sampling of cries that burst from the passionate heart of Jesus. God has feelings too! If we pause to hear and understand why He cries out, we can find profound meaning and healing for the brokenness in our lives.