Nelson, Dwight

Majoring in the Minors:
Rethinking Our Future#

Volume 2 4-Part Series
  The Lesson of the Prostitute
  Between the Porch and the Altar
  The View From the Top of the Sycamores
  Whale of a Mission
Special features
Interview: Dwight Nelson: The Man and His Mission
Bonus: DKN & Kids: Children's Stories


DKN & Kids 

Volume 2 is unique in that it not only carries a sermon series for adults but it has a collection of children’s stories. Because of its content, the DVD has been packaged for children too. The content on both is identical but the children’s version will be fun and colorful.


Volume 2 Children's Stories
  The Early Easter Riser S-L-O-W Johnny
  Dying For a Dog, or Spot in the Channel
  The One Who Holds the Key
  A Baby Was Born... A Bit Early
  Security Screener Falls Asleep
  Pastor Trips and Falls
  The Girl in the Washing Machine
Special features
Bonus: Nelson's favorite children's stories
  as told to the children of Pioneer Memorial Church
Dwight Nelson

Dwight Nelson, known at Pioneer Memorial Church for his energetic and insightful children's stories, shares some of his favorites with kids everywhere.

Nelson's challenge as a campus pastor has been to successfully meet the needs of a diverse community, ranging from children to senior adults. Nelson discusses worship models that have worked for Pioneer Memorial Church, which include the collegiate service, Sabbath Expressions. Every pastor and lay leader will benefit from his ideas and experience.

In the series, Majoring in Minors: Rethinking Our Future, Dwight Nelson covers the messages of the minor prophets, Hosea, Joel, Amos and Jonah. "I have sensed the need for us to hear the voice of God through the passionate cries of the minor prophets with a very major message for the likes of us," noted Dwight Nelson.

Pastors, church leaders, children and every Adventist home will find the second edition of great Adventist Preaching to contain something especially for them.

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