Halvorsen, Sr., Ron

Jesus, The Unique Son of God

Volume 14 5 Part Series
  Jesus, the Unique Son of God
  On a Clear Day You Can See Forever
  Only the Innocent Can Condemn
  The Wounds of Christ
  The Homegoing and the Homecoming of Jesus
Special features  
Interview: Ron Halvorsen, Sr.: The Man and His Mission
Bonus: De Coster's Kids
Ron Halvorsen, Sr.

Ron Halvorsen, Sr., is a popular speaker and pastor. Raised in Brooklyn, New York, Halvorsen experienced the pain and poverty associated with inner city life. God used his life experiences to bring him out of the city to become a beloved pastor and successful evangelist. His personal style of presenting Jesus sparkles as he presents the Word of God in a five-part series, Jesus, the Unique Son of God, in which the viewer is led towards a greater appreciation of our Savior's unique love, unique ability to forgive and finally His unique sacrifice to rescue mankind.

Through his gift of evangelism, Halvorsen has brought thousands to the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Crowds have been captivated by his powerful preaching as he sincerely presents Jesus, his personal Savior.

Pastor Halvorsen's experience includes several pastorates, evangelist for Faith For Today, Carolina Conference and GC Metro. He's held thirty-one field schools of evangelism and taught college homiletics. As a retiree, he continues to hold meetings and prayer seminars. Ron has written two books, From Gangs to Godand Prayer Warriors.

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