Haffner, Karl

Cures for the Common Christian

Volume 9 6 Part Series
  The Cure for Pilgrim's Problems
  The Cure for Soul Fatigue
  The Cure for Futility
  The Cure for the Last Daze
  The Cure for Being Stoned
  The Cure for Comfort Zone Christianity
Special feature
Interview: Karl Haffner: The Man and His Mission
Karl Haffner

While society is searching for a cure for Alzheimer's and aides, Karl Haffner is also concerned for the sick at heart. "Soul fatigue is epidemic. Folk are worn out, stressed out, and burned out," says Haffner, senior pastor of the Walla Walla College Church. "This was never God's desire for His children. There are things we can do to address the ailments of the common Christian."

In six spiritual, yet entertaining biblical sermons released as Vol 9 of great Adventist Preaching, Pastor Haffner discusses the "Pilgrim's Problems" for the "Last Daze." He challenges Christians to move beyond the "Comfort Zone."

Haffner presented Cures for the Common Christian at Southern Adventist University for the student week of prayer. Haffner is one of several outstanding speakers selected to participate in the Adventist Preaching project. Not only is "Cures for the Common Christian" a DVD resource to assist pastors and local elders with preaching, but it's also dynamic devotional material for small groups and the Christian home.

Pastor Haffner founded The Improv Church, a collegiate alternative worship experience. He talks about it in the interview, The Man and His Mission, a bonus on the 2-DVD set carrying his series. Karl's creative preaching style and his ministry to young adults has captured the attention of young Christians as well as that of more seasoned followers.

Haffner became "Dr" Haffner this summer when he received a Phd in leadership from Andrews University. He is a teaching pastor, popular speaker, writer and an avid reader-especially of John Ortberg's works. He loves a good story and has a gift for gleaning sermon illustrations from them. His eight books and hundreds of articles plus the resulting speaking appointments, keep him on the run.

Yes, Karl takes running seriously too. He's participated in several marathons, but his dedication to preaching the Word is to help as many as possible cross the finish line at the greatest event of all time.

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