Gonzalez, Frank

Xtreme Makeover for the Soul

Volume 10 5 Part Series
  The Makeover of the Five-time Loser Lady
  When "Success" Needs a Makeover
  The Most Amazing Makeover in 2000 Years
  Two Angry Panchos Get Makeovers
  The Day the Whole World Got a Makeover
Special features
Interview: Frank Gonzalez: The Man and His Mission
Bonus: Going Home, the bonus feature of this series, is a
fascinating glimpse back in time and tells the story
of Frank’s first visit back to Cuba in 1998.
Frank Gonzalez


In an age when extreme makeovers are a part of reality TV, Pastor Frank Gonzalez, speaker/director of La Voz de la Esperanza, applies the concept to God's desire to rework our damaged lives. In his five presentations before the employees at the world headquarters of the Adventist Church, he uses biblical examples such as Mary Magdalene and the woman at the well-two women who allowed God to perform an "extreme makeover for the soul."

The series, presented during the Week of Spiritual Emphasis, was videotaped for Adventist Preaching, inspiring sermons series in the DVD format. Designed to be a devotional tool for the Christian home and also as a valuable resource for churches that often find themselves without a speaker, Adventist Preaching is introducing members to their larger church family. As members listen to a variety of Adventist preachers and are blessed by their ministries, they feel a closer kinship to the church as a whole.

Frank Gonzalez accepted the invitation to become a part of the Adventist Preaching mission. His sermons can be used in both English and Spanish gatherings to provide engaging and worshipful services for small to mid-sized churches. Pastor Gonzalez' series, Xteme Makeover for the Soul, is available only in the English language, however, as a leader among Hispanics, the series will be popular among both groups.

Rooted in the turmoil of Cuban unrest, Frank Gonzalez was born to parents whose quest for freedom and the preservation of liberty ultimately separated the family. While a political prisoner, Gonzalez's father paved the way for Frank and his mother to find freedom in America. Going Home, the bonus feature of this series, is a fascinating glimpse back in time and tells the story of Frank's first visit back to Cuba in 1998.

Today, Frank Gonzalez shares the Good News of the Gospel through La Voz de la Esperanza, the Spanish media ministry of the Adventist Church. He is speaker and director.


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