Gilley, James

Faithful 'Til He Comes

Volume 12 5 Part Series
  The Joy of Jesus
  Living Water
  The Battle is the Lord's
  Keep On Keeping On
  Thank You
Special features
Interview: James Gilley: The Man and His Mission
Bonus: First Love: Retracing the Journey
James Gilley

Faithful ‘til He Comes is not only the theme of Jim Gilley’s sermon series, but it describes his resolve to be of service until He comes. Gilley has been a successful evangelist, ministerial director, conference president and vice-president at the North American Division.

While general vice-president, Gilley chaired the boards of The Voice of Prophecy, Faith For Today, La Voz de la Esperanza and LifeTalk Radio in addition to overseeing several Division ministries and special projects.

Pastor Gilley says that one of his most challenging assignments at the Division office was in New York City just after September 11.  During that very difficult time, he organized hundreds of pastors, counselors and students to minister to the needs of the confused and bewildered inhabitants of Manhattan.

At one point in the road, it was Pastor Gilley’s privilege to hold meetings in the former Soviet Union where he witnessed the baptism of over ten thousand people and saw more than twenty new churches organized.

With such rich experiences behind him, Jim has chosen to spend the final years of his ministry filling the pastorate at the Dallas First Church where he spent many of his teenage years. First Love: Retracing the Journey, the bonus piece in this edition of Adventist Preaching, was inspired by his decision, and that of several of his colleagues, to voluntarily return to pastoring.

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