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Collected Works of Pioneer Preachers

The Collected Works of Pioneer Preachers

Volume 18 Signature Edition 
6 Sermons/
8 Speakers 
2 Bonus presentations
Bonus Booklet - About the Preachers and their Sermons  
"The Second Advent"
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James White played by
Dennis Farley
"Our Present Dangers"
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Ellen White played by
Myrna Candelaria
"Abiding in Christ and Walking in Christ"
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William W Prescott​​​​​​​ played by
Jose V Rojas
"Sermon Preached to the Seneca Indians"
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Roswell F Cottrell​​​​​​​ played by
Gary Patterson
"Funeral Sermon for Henry N White"
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Uriah Smith​​​​​​​ played by
John Torres III
"Dime Tabernacle Dedicatory Sermon"
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J N Andrews ​​​​​​​ played by
Stephen Chavez
Bonus presentations:
"Bicycle Riding"
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John Harvey Kellogg​​​​​​​ played by
Jonathan Brauer
"The Mother's Privilege" and
"Relation of Cookery to Health"
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Ellen Eaton Kellogg​​​​​​​ played by
Rae Patterson

The Collected Works of Pioneer Preachers is a valuable resource for celebrating our Adventist heritage. The 3-DVD series has an abundance of material that can be used both in the home and the church.

Six sermons written and delivered by pioneers in the late 1800s--J N Andrews, William Prescott, Roswell Cottrell, Uriah Smith and James and Ellen White--plus bonus presentations by Dr John Harvey Kellogg and Ella Eaton Kellogg highlighting the beginnings of the Adventist Health Message, were filmed in historic Adventist Village in Battle Creek and at the former Battle Creek Sanitarium.

The sermons, presented by men and women in period costume, are introduced by Fred Kinsey, Assistant to the President for Communication, NAD. One can learn the historical significance of the sermons from the beautiful booklet included with Volume 18 of Adventist Preaching.