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Preaching the Word, Nathan Greene
Preaching the Word, Nathan Greene

Adventist Preaching grew out of a reformat of Adventist Worship Hour, Adventist Communication Network's full worship service via satellite for churches in North America. It is a collection of sermon series presented by some of the most renowned preachers in the Adventist Church, and is produced quarterly to provide sermons for churches without speakers and to give individual members the opportunity to begin building a personal DVD library of favorite Adventist preachers and their sermons.

With 25 volumes available, the library includes 44 inspiring speakers and over 140 sermons on a number of different topics. Each beautifully packaged series has 5-6 sermons, an interview with the speaker and often a bonus segment that highlights his/her ministry. The collection includes three Signature Editions, Volumes 16, 18 and 24, which offer a collection of sermons and preachers on a given theme. We’re proud to offer preachers from diverse ethnic backgrounds and gender.

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There's a secret to powerful, biblical preaching . . . and our preachers know Him!

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Adventist Preaching is often exhibited at ministry conferences and other large gatherings within the church. Telephone orders are processed by AdventSource, 800-328-0525.